TUGA TANGO Workshops

Cédric BASSO & Eloïse WEISS


Voz do Operário | Rua da Voz do Operário, 13, Graça – Lisboa (same venue as the Marathon)


Saturday – 18th November | 2023

12h00 > 13h30 | To be announced soon…

Sunday – 19th November | 2023

12h00 > 13h30 | To be announced soon…

01h00: Performance by Cédric & Eloïse at the COOLING DOWN MILONGA

PRICES (until the end of August):

1 Workshop: 20,00€

2 Workshops: 30,00€

Cédric & Eloïse are an experienced couple of dancers and teachers from Switzerland with an unique and impressive way of dancing Tango. Finding one’s own identity in his/hers Tango journey is a common goal and yet, not so easy to achieve. The need for belonging moves us away from the path to discover our uniqueness. But there’s a middle way, a way to allow us to belong while being unique and Cédric and Eloïse have mastered this ability to perfection. It’s impossible not to love them, it’s impossible not to be amazed by the way they dance and comunicate with each other, it’s impossible not to desire to have a bit of that special tresour they have between the two of them. And even though what makes them special is probably impossible to copy, it is also true that true exquisiteness and uniqueness often comes from inspiration. So, just come and join these two workshops. Sorround yourself by honesty, love and transparency and allow yourselves to be inspired.

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