TUGA TANGO Workshops



Voz do Operário | Rua da Voz do Operário, 13, Graça – Lisboa (same venue as the Marathon)


Saturday – 19th November | 2022

12h00 > 13h30 | Cadencia: Flow, Swing and Quality of Movement

Sunday – 20th November | 2022

12h00 > 13h30 | The Treasure of the Milongueros: transcending the sequences

01h00: Performance by Felipe & Ayano at the COOLING DOWN MILONGA


1 Workshop: 20,00€

2 Workshops: 30,00€

Felipe & Ayano are an amazing couple of dancers and teachers of Argentine Tango. Living in San Francisco, U.S.A., Felipe is actually from Spain and Ayano from Japan.

With so many couples traveling around the world to teach and perform, why did we choose and invite Ayano and Felipe?

Well, it’s so easy and so hard to answer at the same time. It’s easy because they are truly unique in many different aspects, such as the quality of their dancing; the depth of their knowledge both of the dance, the music and the history of Tango; the clarity of their pedagogy and the humility, generosity, openness and brightness of their personalities. But it’s hard because all words seem to fall short when it comes to justify our love for Felipe and Ayano, both as human beings, tango dancers and tango teachers. They have an essence we should all thrive for in Tango and it’s sometimes hard to explain in words what that essence is when the world we live in today always pushes us to value the idea of belonging and acceptance instead of uniqueness and distinctiveness. But Ayano and Felipe are truly unique and yet they somehow manage to do the impossible, which is belonging and being universaly accepted by whoever crosses paths with them, while at the same time managing to keep their own individuality and owning their unique distinctiveness.

Concerning their dance, Felipe & Ayano’s flow is a beautiful fusion between tradition and modernity. In their own words, during their classes they will “focus on quality of movement and how we try to bridge the old generation with the tango of today”.

What can we say more apart from the obvious: you would miss a lot if you didn’t take the opportunity to take 2 workshops with them!

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