TUGA TANGO arrives to its 5th edition!

Lisbon | 17th – 20th November 2022

«In praise of you: you have, absolutely, created “a thing of beauty”.» – Isabelle, England – Tuga Tango 2017.

After travelling across the globe and having visited some of the major Tango events in the world, we dreamt of organizing an event of our own in our home town: the charismatic and enchanting Lisbon, Capital city of our beautiful country – Portugal!

The goal was simple: Over the course of 4 days, to become the best hosts anyone would wish for and to create an unforgettable Tango experience to the International Tango Community.

And so, TUGA TANGO MARATHON was born!

TUGA: A local way of saying “Portuguese”


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From our perspective, a few essentials were required to accomplish our goal:

  • An accessible venue from the airport (less than 15 minutes by taxi or use the metro with a beautiful 10 minute walk through the old town) and in the heart of the city. When you leave the venue, the beautiful and magnetic city is on hand for Sightseeing, Pastel eating, Ginjinha drinking, Tram riding and Bacalhau catching.
  • An inviting and cosy venue, with a huge wooden dance floor, large enough to accommodate dancing and socialising. Plentiful with tables and chairs to ensure everyone has a place to be. That is, a place to sit, chill, eat and drink and have inspiring conversations in between Tandas. In short, we wanted to create the feeling of a proper Milonga.
  • A fantastic sound system so that all dancers can truly enjoy the music their dancing to, wherever they are in the Ronda.
  • Excellent food included throughout the entire event to keep stomachs happy, hearts warm and dancing non-stop. And not just limited to the main meals, like brunches or dinners (which will be stratospheric in this edition with our special Chef, member of a team of a 2 star Michelin Restaurant, in charge of the kitchen), but also including a generous helping of tasty home-made snacks to maintain energy levels. (We will ensure we take care of all food restrictions.)
  • A bar “full to the brim” of carefully selected Wines & Spirits which are honestly priced. You are here to dance, so you want a good wine to support your evening.
  • A support team that are Tangueros first and foremost, so that they understand your Marathon needs, first hand. Providing the warmest of Portuguese hospitality, you can expect them to be happy, effective, dedicated, full of positive energy and always ready to help in any given situation.
  • A time of the year with sunny days and temperatures which are just right: Lisbon in November is the perfect timing for a close embrace.

All of this we have to offer you during Lisbon “TUGA TANGO” Marathon.

Most of all, be sure that we’ll be using all our experience from the previous three editions of this event, including all of the comments gathered from the participants, to your benefit. And that is why the 2022 edition will surprise even the already addicted TUGA TANGO marathoners!

Join us, and we promise you’ll have an experience never to forget!


«Dear Rui Barroso and Inês Gomes, thank you for organizing the beautiful tango marathon in the beautiful city Lisbon! I love it so much, seems like I cannot get enough of it!» – Liga, Canada – Tuga Tango 2019
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